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We are an American company based in Houston, Texas. We provide alternative professional staffing services to our clients. Our business model is focused on maximizing the business value to our clients in hiring, retaining, and scaling staffing resources; at fraction of the cost we secure the top talents in the market that exceed our clients’ expectation, and we guarantee highest performance to our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Up to 70% savings compared to in-house employment. Lesser start-up cost and ongoing wages.

We have the abundance of highly trained professionals who speak English as if it’s their primary language. They will be working with you exclusively.

We undertake the entire recruitment process with you – position description development, screening, endorsement, hiring.

We will work together on training needs analysis, training development, and delivery. You remain in full control of your business while we look after your people.

We provide you with the highest level of ongoing operational management, support, and reporting.

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